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Jacob Lucas Welcome to the blog: (created for you) Here you will find relevant information in the food industry, from food trending, food safety practices for better health, chef tested simple recipes you can source and create, special event's where you can find me your personal chef, health & nutrition for long- term optimal health growth in which will most benefit you and your lifestyle. This blog is fun and exciting, keeping you up to date with relevant info for you family and friends.

Holiday gathering dinner party event's:

November 26, 2013

Jacob's Personal Chef Services dinner party event spots are filling up rather quickly with great responses for this year.

If your looking for a 3 to 4 course plated event in the comfort of your own home, allowing your guests watch your personal chef create from scratch dishes based on customized menu please call or e-mail. 

spaces limited

your chef Jacob Lucas  

Your holiday gathering

November 20, 2013
This holiday season, myself your personal chef Jacob would like to suggest you consider having an in home ( 3 to 4 )
course plated dinner party event, a great gift giving idea to surprise your guests with a unique twist with a fresh approach.

Providing custom menus from canape's, appetizers, entree's and sweet/ savory desserts.

The difference with Jacob's Personal Chef Services, your menus are custom created to you and your guests specific unique requirements, from dietary, allergy, and you a...
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Business to Business Networking

October 29, 2013
Today Jacob's Personal Chef Services had the opportunity to network with 45 - 50 businesses unique potential client's.
Resulting In:
Business to business networking is a (win win)  people seeking particular services and others featuring their product for prospectives. I believe you learn more about a business when you are involved in one to one discussion with details of each business being presented.

Group Networking:

Is just amazing to see the unique talented businesses people have involving ...
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Holiday season:

October 29, 2013

Jacob's Personal Chef Services, would like to remind you that the holiday season is fast approaching.

Currently accepting bookings for in home dinner party services for up to (20) guests, we can walk you through customized menu plan for a (3 to 4) course meal with effective pricing to meet event type.

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Your Health

October 18, 2013

Jacob's Personal Chef Services explores into client's healthful goals for long term healthful benefits:

Let's set -up an in home food consultation to discuss your food likes and dislikes well getting you on the path to nutritional growth. Enhance the growth of any health challenges you may have.

Thank you 
your personal chef: Jacob 

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Norcliff Farms: food competition

April 11, 2013

Jacob's Personal Chef Services, just sent in menu / recipe with live shot dish for competition with others chef's, creating gourmet dish featuring fiddleheads, winner will compete in toronto, will keep you informed on progress.

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Spring gardening

April 9, 2013
Good day,

As we slowly get into the spring season, you need to think about cleaning up your garden and start setting in seeds or plants for fresh vegetables and herbs. Selecting items that will best benefit within your own specific climate, you can inquire at your local green house for professional advice.

When entertaining guests, you can showcase your garden fresh vegetables / herbs, while having jacob's Personal Chef Services incoroprate these ingredient's into recipes, for custom prepared...

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Your dinner plate:(sample dish)

February 27, 2013

Have you started your week off right with nutritional healthful meal choices?.

Just a few simple steps of: go to your local trusted farmers market, purchase local farm raised ingredient's, to assist in a healthy active lifestyle.

Example: Vegetarian option

Grill or roast off red & yellow peppers, blanched bright carrots, buttered green zucchini, carmelize sweet red onions, chop some fresh garden cilantro, coarse chopped fresh basil.

Simple Tomato Sauce: Create your own tomato sauce, ...

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Your weekend of meals

February 22, 2013
Good day,

Start of your weekend with well stocked fridge, purchasing a variety of (fruit's - vegetables - grains - meat's - poultry - fish),  which you will enjoy in a (3) day block, keeping all meals as fresh as you can, by utalizing all ingredient's for the best healthful experience.

Throwing away food is we throwing away (your expected food budget), alternative solution is set -up (free in home consultation) with tasting for meal plan options. This meal plan service, will save you time and...

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(2013) personal chef Services

February 15, 2013
Audience good day,

Imagine if you could have your own (personal Chef) provide bi-weekly meal options that you can enjoy at your own time, knowing your getting menu custom meals based on your nutritional and healthful goals. This option will save you both time and money, with knowing exactly what your weekly cost's will be & you know all meals are prepared from scratch at fare pricing, created and packaged in your own home.

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