Meal plan

Sample Menu


Created with own prepared well rounded stock the base foundation in creating any type soup, you require a base that has vegetables, bones & fresh herbs

Seasonal Vegetable- sides 

On side dishes, I look at the season what's available  at their freshest peak and balance with main dishes

Natural Yukon Potato

Preparations with Canadian potatoes -  produce  quality naturally creamed soup - with hint of 100% maple syrup - finished with oven baked crispy baguette - to balance  soup


Main options

In respect to meal planning, within any given food consultation, it helps to know the types of ingredient's most ideal for each person. than I we look at providing a variety of dishes to meet dietary restrictions, vegetarian-vegan, than I custom design to match for most effective healthful growth. 







Dinner Party  Services

Sample Menu: 


Roasted Bruchetta

On crispy baguette with with roasted garlic - vine ripen tomatoes - fire oven roasted peppers - garden chopped basil  and aged drizzled balsamic vinaigrette

First Course:

Hand Selected Green Salad

With variety of  chef chosen greens of - spring mix - romaine - red leaf followed by - crisp scallions - cherry tomatoes - seasonal berries - feta cheese - sea salt - fresh cracked pepper - with choices of chef Jacob's own prepared vinaigrette's  made on site - from red wine vinaigrette - aged balsamic to champagne types

Second Course:

Stuffed Pork Tenderloin

Stuffed with roasted yellow and red peppers - portabello mushrooms - sage leaves -  asiago cheese - sliced poached pear - balanced with oven baked squash  and buttered local well seasoned vegetables

Third Course:

Berry Tart

With variety of seasonal berries baked within shell - balanced in it's own juices from baked  for delicious warm dessert with own prepared ice cream - shaved rich chocolate to finish








Cooking Classes 


In home cooking classes provided by  Chef: Jacob of Jacob's Personal Chef Services,  prepared in the comfort of  client's home, showcasing their kitchen. Providing fresh natural food cooking preparation, cooking and serving techniques. Class size between (2 - 10) student's, while myself personal chef : Jacob Lucas encourages food knowledge, simple  preparation and cooking practices. 

Each class: You will learn between (3-6) variety of dishes,  appetizer, entree & dessert, prepared of natural farm raised ingredient's, simple dishes you can make for healthier lifestyle on busy time schedules.