About The Chef

Jacob's Personal Chef services, provides fresh nutritious, exciting unique custom dishes  to meet your individual  food preferences, from dietary constraints, health & fitness, and dishes with exploring variety of cultures and cuisines with enhancing dining dishes with creative twist withing your custom flair. 

 Personal Chef Services provided are In home meal planning, interactive cooking classes, food consultations, dinner party services at small group size  up to (20) people, from (3 to 4) course plated dinner events with bite size starting canap├ęs.  Services are  provided in the comfort of your home, while the chef is busy crafting your dishes  you and your guests have the opportunity to learn  about your chef, while (seeing the action in the kitchen is right in front of you)of  fresh from scratch created dishes  prepared with  entertaining advantage. With the assurance your unique dishes are specific to standardized quality starting from farmers market hand selected ingredient's to your kitchen.


 Your personal chef  Jacob, has been in the culinary industry for over (20) years, starting out  with culinary school at Niagara College Canada, culinary management co-op diploma program, Graduate class of (2006). 

Active member in good standings with United States Personal Chef Association and certificate holder from the Culinary Business Academy, successfully achieving  professional personal chef training program, awarding the title personal chef.

 In  the chosen career, I your  personal chef Jacob Lucas, have worked for many of Niagara's respected top restaurants, hotels,  catering firms, turning the  passion from past experience  to personal cheffing in the comfort of your home.

     With  driven passion comes along  great wealth of knowledge, talented skill & experience to individual  client's, your family, guests, co-workers. This is all possible due to my career in the culinary industry, working for many crafted chef's from many different culinary opportunities of unique personalities in my many years, in tern presenting you a well rounded dining experience.

   Personal chef Jacob can bring forward variety of cuisines specific to your culinary or healthful  food requirements to meet you and your guests individual requirements.

Each unique food dish posted on Jacob's Personal Chef Services website, is created from scratch of natural fresh  ingredients in specific detail. Ingredients are purchased from respected Niagara's own farmers markets.  The pictures of the dining courses, gives you a view of what you will expect prior to selecting my personal chef services, in making an informed decision of quality unforgettable experience.


      Healthful choices

 I Chef Jacob: of Jacob's Personal Chef Services  continually works   hard - by  ensuring each  client is receiving  quality experience and healthful growth of naturally prepared and cooked dishes based on your unique  requests. Chef Jacob structures pricing  fare, while  meeting the needs of each specific client situation. Consultations of potential service are very important for myself chef Jacob, client's  involved will have  great understanding of  potential service you could decide to benefit from

  Services provided of high quality standard for each individual - with  preparations of  natural ingredients prepared from scratch - based out of local farmers market's -  when and if products are in season. (100%) service quality  standard will be confirmed from in home free tasting and on site services.  Watching myself chef Jacob prepare specific ingredients based on menu confirmation - something you wouldn't see in most restaurant's.















Niagara College Canada

Culinary Management:

(2) year program, graduate class of (2006) Diploma holder 

Business basics:

successful  completion of Business Basics program of study, at the business development center, in respect to (personal chef services)

Culinary Business Academy 

Certificate in recognition of successfully passing the culinary business academy  Professional Personal Chef Training Program, received: March 2008

awarding the tittle of: Personal Chef


National Food Safety Training Program

received Certificate of achievement

Date received: September 2017


St. John Ambulance

In completion of Standard First Aid With CPRC + AED

Issued: Feb 7th 2017

Expiry:  Feb 7th 2020


United States Personal Chef  Association

Certificate of membership, that certifies premier member in good standing, with USPCA general liability coverage



Greater Niagara Chamber Of Commerce

Certifies that Jacob's Personal Chef Services is a member in good standing, of The Niagara Chamber Of Commerce

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