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Jacob Lucas Welcome to the blog: (created for you) Here you will find relevant information in the food industry, from food trending, food safety practices for better health, chef tested simple recipes you can source and create, special event's where you can find me your personal chef, health & nutrition for long- term optimal health growth in which will most benefit you and your lifestyle. This blog is fun and exciting, keeping you up to date with relevant info for you family and friends.

Fall season (2019)

October 16, 2019
Fall is here and now we have the cooler weather. 

The nice part of this season, is the leaves are changing  with amazing balance of color, perhaps take your significant other, children and family for a long walk to check this out. If you have the chance look at water streams with the trees on either side its amazing along the water.

On to food, due to cooler weather climate it's nice to keep warm with food that meet the season, every year I suggest a nice beef stew, a variety of clear consomme or puree of creamed soups. The key in soups depending on the type of course, purchase chicken, beef, bones to create a well balanced stock that would eventually turn into a nice soup. In my next post I will add recipe for making and creating stocks for soups to assist you. 
Chef Jacob

Simple summer salad

July 28, 2019
       Simple crisp romaine salad
Balanced with fresh corn, farmed strawberries, scallions, & finished with citrus lemon vinaigrette and sunflower oil 

Fresh, light healthy alternative option

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nutritional lifestyle choices

December 12, 2018
This day and age their seems to be more health restricted or more aware people, leaning towards vegans, vegetarian, gluten free etc. Let's keep a close glimpse to ensure everything your purchasing is wholesome and specific to your nutritional needs, not only reading labels however also researching and talking to developers, farmers etc. 
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Your Thanksgiving dinner with family

October 6, 2018
On this long weekend, I wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a safe and happy long weekend. 

If your making an amazing Turkey dinner, please ensure to remember food safety, as to if your purchasing a frozen Turkey to properly thaw in the refrigerator roughly (3) day. I have heard too many times people are cross contaminating fresh vegetables with raw meat in this holiday time of the year. Take your time with proper practices in food preparation always sanitizing and using separate cutting ...

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Experienced passion - your designed dishes

September 30, 2018
Chef Jacob here, would like to take a few minutes to describe how passion to your designed dishes has an increasing impact on your special occasion dining experience. Infact I like to create most of my purchases based on your designed menu strictly from local farmers, with the question at first hand of where the product was grown and the quality charistics prior to adding the ingredients into your dishes. Now it seems a wealth of work but well worth the effort and time. I have been in the cul...
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Your weekend ahead

November 24, 2017

Your current or potential in home personal chef, would like to wish you and your family and fiends a wonderful weekend ahead, enjoy your time together and make the weekend the best you can. Remember to locate your local farmers market tomorrow being Saturday. Check in with the farmers to get information as to the best produce available at this time, I would suggest root vegetables for soups and stews in these temperature periods. 

Require recipe information, I can assist you just need to conne...

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Holiday gift giving (surprise personal chef)

November 24, 2017
It's that time of year once again holiday celebrating and finding that special gift for loved ones. If you are looking for a unique option perhaps explore a personal chef service, from cooking class, meal planning, dinner party service a great gift idea.
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Fundraising opportunities

March 24, 2017
Jacob's Personal Chef Services, had the successful opportunity to be part of the fundraising efforts for bethlehem housing and support services, in the donating my time and my ingredients in preparation of canapes for VIP reception at club roma. In the small part of my efforts as others, bethlehem housing has raised over $30,000 from this successful event. 

In my personal chef services, I only contribute to organizations in regards to fundraising efforts that give back to those in urgent need,...

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Nutritional balance

December 14, 2016

Today I will briefly discuss the why daily nutrition is important in our daily busy lives. 

As you rise in the morning to take on the busy day, most of us are missing (1) important step before we walk out that door, of course we all know the magic word breakfast. Mind you please not just a simple granola bar because I'm sorry this will not cut it, because within the next (20) minutes you probably loose your energy. The idea is to plan your meal option for the day or days to come during the eve...

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Holiday season personal chef Jacob gift giving

December 9, 2016
The holiday season is the time of year for family,  friends, and gatherings to keep in touch and enjoy each others company, how much time do your really get with the ones you love in this hectic busy lifestyle.

Which brings me to my next question:
Are you stuck on a unique special gift option, look to chef Jacob for a personal chef for the evening as a gift. Example dinner for two, dinner for 6, meal planning, cooking classes. 
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