Chef Jacob here, would like to take a few minutes to describe how passion to your designed dishes has an increasing impact on your special occasion dining experience. Infact I like to create most of my purchases based on your designed menu strictly from local farmers, with the question at first hand of where the product was grown and the quality charistics prior to adding the ingredients into your dishes. Now it seems a wealth of work but well worth the effort and time. I have been in the culinary industry for years and I find the most important element when serving clients and their guests is to ensure fresh quality ingredients, scratch cooking and balancing an amazing flavour and taste profile. This is where the passion comes in, however it doesn't come without years of dedication, experience under renound chefs. This brings me to why I decided (10) years ago to focus on small groups in entertainment of dinner party services, teaching cooking with detail and meal planning in best healthful goal oriented outcomes. 

I hope this information has been helpful for your insight and encourage questions and comments.