Today I will briefly discuss the why daily nutrition is important in our daily busy lives. 

As you rise in the morning to take on the busy day, most of us are missing (1) important step before we walk out that door, of course we all know the magic word breakfast. Mind you please not just a simple granola bar because I'm sorry this will not cut it, because within the next (20) minutes you probably loose your energy. The idea is to plan your meal option for the day or days to come during the evening before and few day's before as a planning phase.This way you can select the proper food groups in any given dish.

Breakfast menu sample: for busy bodies
           Poached eggs
On baked buttered english muffing, with a arugula, 
your favorite cheese, balanced with garlic roasted home fries, 
sliced vine ripen tomatoes, topped with crisp bacon 

Plain yogurt- filled with drizzle of pure vanilla, seasonal berries of blueberries - strawberries, fresh zested cinnamon 

Orange juice- Have your standard glass, start with 1/4 water than add the concentrated juice, this  will cut the amount of sugar and have a more natural taste. 

Note: Than you will be ready to take on your day.