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Jacob Lucas Welcome to the blog: (created for you) Here you will find relevant information in the food industry, from food trending, food safety practices for better health, chef tested simple recipes you can source and create, special event's where you can find me your personal chef, health & nutrition for long- term optimal health growth in which will most benefit you and your lifestyle. This blog is fun and exciting, keeping you up to date with relevant info for you family and friends.

Lengthy day in the office, reduced nutrition

October 13, 2016
In this day in age the world is extremely fast paced with little room to slow down, the difficulty with this concept is lack of nutrition can have long-term health effects. 

Look at the option of having your own in home Personal chef preparing nutritionally balanced whole meals to establish effective health through meal planning services. This way you can come home each day knowing the type of meals your enjoying and the health benefits associated. In tern after a few days you are feeling better and more energetic to take on the world.

Balanced flavourings in your unique dishes

August 6, 2016

When selecting your farm raised ingredients from your local grocer and farmers market, it's always best to balance the right ingredients through dry spices and fresh herbs that create superior dishes. 

Example when creating a spice rub for B.B.Q. ribs, purchase whole spices and grind as required for optimum quality. I prefer to stay away from over spicing to ensure your identifying the flavour of the main product, in this case the ribs. 

As in creating spicing for a curry chicken, set a good mi...
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Why a personal chef

July 25, 2016
I'm Personal Chef Jacob Lucas, providing you the following information, as how having a personal chef is beneficial.

Imagine coming home to specialized home cooked meals custom created to your food choice options.

Jacob's Personal Chef Services, focuses on from scratch local fresh ingredients from inspected farmers markets and butcher shops. This ensures you are maintaing healthful meal option for long-term heath growth. 

At price point of meal planning services, you know each month your expecte...

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Epilepsy Niagara - purple day event

March 22, 2016
Jacob's Personal Chef Services, will be part of epilepsy Niagara fundraising event, providing my time in the preparation and cooking with the food involved in this great event taken place, while also many other activities taken place for this good cause. 

Event: Costume party in celebration of purple day

Date: Friday March 25th- 2016

Time: Doors open at 6:00pm

Purchase ticket for just $10.00

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Paleo diet: healthiest you can eat

January 28, 2016
When deciding on sustainable meal options for better health, our society should explore the following of many benefits;

Paleo diet can be one of the most healthiest ways one can eat, as it's the only nutritional approach that works with your genetics to help you stay lean. Research indicates our usual diet of refined food, trans fats, sugar is causes of the following degenerative diseases.
- obesity, cancer, diabetes, heart disease ( we can assist in decreasing this by through a driven nutritio...

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We all need a personal chef, in our hectic lifestyles

August 18, 2015

Did you think it would be a great idea to have a personal chef preparing comfort meals custom designed to fit your meals of choice both healthy and fun ideas. Jacob's Personal Chef Services, is all about market fresh ingredients into your everyday menus for tasty and healthful growth.

Book a meeting with me your in home personal chef, to preview meal services and all the benefits associated and how this can save you time and money in the long run.

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Science behind food

July 14, 2015
As a consumer or someone being more aware of your food choices do you know what goes into the production of the ingredients on our grocery store shelves?. Jacob's Personal Chef Services will be working more closely with the science behind food to give you the best possible ingredients for your meal choices prior to meal preparation for optimal health. 

What goes into the processing of certain food to effectively preserve for shelf life and how does this effect our bodies, having the proper foo...

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Gardening for healthful recipes

May 27, 2014
Your garden today:

Now that the nice weather is finally coming around, we should look at the benefits of gardening fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs in our own home gardens. 

Knowing the soil your using and where your starter plants are coming from, is a good start to what you will expect from for nutritional preparation of healthy meal options. These benefits will assist in disease preventative  maintenance for long term health growth. 

Rising cost:
Food cost seems to be continuing to ...

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Nutritional value

March 25, 2014

The value in having a personal chef:
- Custom menus created from scratch to meet your healthful choices
-knowing if your choosing meal plan option your weekly or bi-weekly service cost
- giving you more time with family and friends, while your chef cooks in your kitchen
- helping to ensure disease preventive causing

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Many Soups For Many Hands

March 19, 2014
Jacob's Personal Chef Services, took part in a fundraising event, by providing a roasted vegetable herbed soup.

All attendees, had the option to purchase a variety of soups from many vendor chef's, all proceeds went to support the upper deck Youth Centre. (What a great event)

If you have  have a unique fundraising opportunity, that Jacob's Personal Chef Services could take part of for a ideal cause, bring to my attention. 

Thank you 
Chef: Jacob  

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