Your consumption choices:

In our day to day busy lives, we need to pay special attention to our eating choices and how it may effect our heathful growth and sustainability , imagine the major inpact specific choices of food with chemicals or ingredient's we don't know of, can have on our lives. In today's trends, it seems there is more and more (cancers - diseases - nutrition issues ) that may be avoided.  This behaviour in food choices, can be changed with simple (20) minute natural food preparation and cooking practices, by purchasing your produce - meat's - dairy - grains, from trusted farm raised farmer's market's, to bring you the best sustainable fresh food's , you can cook in your home. Light cooking practices, with many vegetables, help's to ensure the most valuable nutrient's are still locked in, to receive the best value out of your purchase and healthful growth. 


In terms of  natural vegetables found in our food market's, why don't we pay special attention to purchasing local sustainable produce at the right price. Purchases as this, is a win win, where the farmer would benefit to continue to keep farming in our Canadian market's, and your getting trusted farm raised produce you can put into your healthful  created dishes. Light cooking of most ingredient's is key, to retain healthful benefits  we consume, receiving  our daily  nutrient's and the best possible flavour and taste to specific dishes you desire.