Chef Jacob's in home cooking classes, offers up to (10) student's hands on interactive approach in the comfort of your own home or alternative  location. With full experience for each student to explore in receiving  the knowledge / skill of unique simple recipes you can make ahead of time on your own.  Prior to cooking class, I purchase  local farm raised ingredients for the  class recipes, keeping meals fresh and local.  You can choose  (3 to 8) different menu dishes or more to learn, This gives you a variety of recipe ideas to learn adapt to your own indvidual lifestyles. Class dishes being prepared /cooked with both learning and doing with I Chef Jacob's guidance step by step depending on each individual needs, as a fun exciting experience.

Menus options:

Soups: Using ingredient's in peak season pending on time of year with full bodied prepared stocks, of (purees, clear soup, dairy free, gluten free, creamed. Sample: Maple infused butternut squash/roasted vegetable/clear broth/pea puree./ Cream of asparagus and many others.

Salads: Selecting the right lettuces right for the season, with ideal vegetables, nuts, fruits and creating a well balanced fresh vinaigrette, (red wine vinaigrette/ aged balsamic/ herbed vinaigrette etc

Main meals: vegetable & meat casseroles/ pork/ red meat/ sea-food/ fish/ pastas/ grains/ vegetarian-vegan/sides of roasted blanched/ baked seasonal vegetables/ starch legumes type meals.  

Sample class menu;

Creamed roasted butternut squash soup

Field greens salad with balanced vegetables, garlic croutons herbs chef's (balsamic vinaigrette)

sea food day of prawns, scallops, haddock, influenced with ginger/ fresh cilantro in a white cream sauce

Cooking class pricing:

depending on the following: Specific to class size, the number of side dishes, mains, recipes within class structure involved  will make for your overall cost:

initial breakdown:

fee: flat rate

class time: typically (3) hours

Includes: Full list  recipes with preparation and cooking methods to take home, tasting of what has been cooked after each recipe has been completed.