Welcome to Jacob's in home dinner party services, providing (3 to 4) course  elegant bistro style dishes / family style or fresh buffet style,  in the comfort of your own home. Providing custom designed menus  based on guest desired meal requirements, specific to further dietary restrictions, allergies, purchasing ingredients to best match your particular dishes. Your personal chef Jacob, will work  detailed for you and your guests needs, to ensure an enjoyable dining experience.


Dinner party guest count  from ( 2 people to 20 people) in the comfort of your own home, as my personal chef insurance allows me to conduct services with that number in presence of the clients home. If you prefer greater number of guest count within services, I than can direct you to local quality catering company.  


On the special date of service when we have custom designed  your ideal  menu, on service date will  than go to trusted local farmers markets purchasing  the best local sustainable ingredients to match flavour - nutritional value - for  plate appeal.  


Dinner party services are ideal for afternoon  business corporate meeting lunches, formal family gatherings, bridal showers, surprise birthday's, wedding anniversarys.