In home meal planning is a great option  for clients who want healthful prepared from scratch  food dishes for healthier nutritional outcomes. This may help reduce regular hospital visits that can cause heart attacks, strokes and many other health conditions.  As your  more proactive to the types of ingredients your consuming, as boxed convenient products in your local grocer store, fast food outlet sodium, preserving ingredients that we cannot read or understand how they effect our body function that can effect normal healthful long term growth. Meal planning is good for people who have specific allergy concerns to particular ingredients, which have a major impact and react in your body coming from many reasons. This service is also for people recovering from hospital treatment, looking to balance healthy active lifestyle to effective  food choices. This type of service is ideal for, busy professionals, large families with children and the elderly on strict diet.

 Intrested in service, we can arrange an in home free consultation, to discuss  types of ingredients / dishes you prefer and certain dietary restrictions you may have to effectively formulate proper menu options based your healthful goals. Once I have learned more about your specific meal goals, than go ahead and set - up unique custom  sample menus based on your meal  choices,  for you to review based on consultation. When sample menus specific to your meal requirments, we will than go ahead and set -up cooking date, to come into your home to conduct preparation and cooking to be completed.

 Meals are created for (weekly or bi - weekly) in one service date based on your needs,  meals will than be arranged into plastic containers, labeled ingredient list specific, re - heating instructions, to keep you informed of what to do without chefs presence.


  How can meal planning benefit me cost effectively:

With your monthy food cost at this time, on daily basis cost out  all  expenses for a whole month, this is anywhere from entertainment, processing factory made foods, on the go quick foods. Measure the expense compared to my chef (service fee + the cost of grocerys).  You will save by knowing with meal plan services the cost will be consistant each month, while contributing to a heathy sustainable nutritional growth diet.

    Meal plan pricing:

  Cost is  rate plus the cost of ingredients involved within your 

    custom menu.


  (1) person rate $100.00 plus the ingredient cost of everything

        involved within chosen menu.

   variable depending on the amount of meals required, either (3)

    weekly, bi-weekly or monthly and the amount of people

    requiring the meal plan within the family.


  Number of people within home requiring meal services:

   Depending on the number of people in the home requiring meal services,

  chef service rate will increase to work within.