Market Fresh, Meal Planning

Welcome to Jacob's Personal Chef Services: meal planning part of the business, take  moment while I explain how meal planning options can help you benefit and  sustain  healthful  long term growth.  Allow me to explain how  service is conducted,  personal chef Jacob Lucas will set - up  free in home food consultation with free tasting of your favourite meal choice. Offer  bi-weekly meal plan option,  you can cratique for your specific healthful, dietary  goals. When  established weekly or bi - weekly menu plan, will than set - up date that  I could come to your home and conduct meal preparations, cooking,  container storage, labeling,  final freezing. Prior to cook date,  day before,   out shopping for the freshest ingredients in Niagara's local trusted farmers market's and butchers shops.  Purchasing  best price available while being fare for the client - having  quality assurance standard when purchasing  best products available for your  proper  consumption.  Meal plan service, prepare,  cook dishes  from scratch,  giving you  satisfaction of natural dishes being prepared for healthful growth,  created effectively,  keeping expected target on track. Cost of service is specified chef rate plus industry food prices between ($100.00 - $600.00) bi - weekly and based on number of people receiving meals,  industry  food prices , if your purchasing (3)  times per week - weekly - bi - weekly or monthly.






In Home Dinner Party Services 

Ready to entertain  guests with personal chef inspired in home chef services - yes dishes prepared in the comfort of your own home.  Myself chef Jacob Lucas your personal chef for the evening - focus  personal cheffing rather catering. Difference  the personal chef -   focus small group sized event's - up to (10) guests to effectively ensure each guest is receiving proper dish based on their healthful - dietary - allergy needs specific to them with the best dinning experience. Myself  chef Jacob - will ensure 100%  each guest is happy with their dish choice - we have variety of requirment's when it comes to food -  I will be happy to meet your specific needs. If selecting Jacob's Personal Chef Services dinner party option - you have choices  (3-4) course meals from (appetizer - entree & dessert). Alternatively choose from variety of unique platters specific to  type of cuisine you choose -  for  more engaged experience. If you require specific cuisine and menu choice -  when I get to know each guest ideal menu desire - we than can custom prepare  dinner party  sample for review. Have many menu choices you can choose from - because everyone has specific cuisines - ingredient's they rather - we start out with sample menu and go from there.  Mentioned earlier -  ingredient's are purchased from local farmer's market's to ensure local quality dishes - while  sustaining farming within canadian soil - you can' t beat from scratch cooking - prepared in your own home.

    Pricing; Options:

  Guest: Average between $60.00 - $80.00, per person

  Rate:   Actual rate for (2) people - (4) people 

  Pricing; Is based on menu and industry cost of food at the current time, ingredient pricing changes ongoingly. My chef services are honest - quality  driving with your food choices complete your way, with having  well rounded chef with over (17) years experience providing quality experience, you can prove with your eyes. Budget's can be arranged with in reason, my goal is to ensure  your getting a quality experience all around.